5 Questions to Ask Before Booking a Wedding Photographer

So the time has come, you’re googling and researching! You may (or may not) have booked your wedding venue and one of the next things on your to do list is ‘find a photographer’.

So there are literally hundreds and thousands of wedding photographers out there, some who have been in the business a long time, some who are just starting out and a whole heap of shooting/editing styles.

We understand, the majority of our couples aren’t photographers, they’re not necessarily sure ‘what makes a good photograph’ and it can all become a little confusing. Probably the most common advice we give is to just compare, compare, compare! Scroll through their instagrams, and see what you’re both naturally drawn to, then you could arrange a meeting over coffee or beer (whichever you fancy) just to see if you click, see if they’re friendly and approachable. It’s important to feel comfortable with your photographers. 

Once, you’ve narrowed your search down, we think you should ask a few important questions. Hopefully our little tips will help you understand what’s important when booking a wedding photographer. 

  1. What are they like?

This one is super important. We’re all completely individual, we all have different ways of working/communicating etc. We think it’s so so essential to get a long with your photographer/s. They’re going to be with you all day, on one of the most important days of your life. They’re going to be at your side and it’s important for you guys to feel comfortable so you can relax. This comfort obviously comes from liking them, getting a long with their personality etc. We’re definitely not saying you have to be best friends but we do think there has to be a balance of work and friendship. So that they can listen to you, get to know you and your needs. We personally love to treat all of our customers as friends, we try to make the whole experience enjoyable and something to look back on and smile! 

You can get to know some of your photographers personality by scrolling through their website, facebook, insta, etc! We recommend a meeting, it’s the best way to get to know one and other and of course, chat about all things wedding related! So what if you arrange a meeting, and you don’t click? Don’t panic, just go back to your shortlist and arrange a meeting with a few others. There are so many of us out there and we’re sure you’ll find the PERFECT photographer for your beautiful wedding. 


2. Is their portfolio consistent?

We really believe this question is essential, and one that usually gets missed. In this day and age, with the digital age always improving, developing and making it easier and easier for the every day person to take ‘better photos’ it seems, a lot of people may consider themselves to be photographers. Wedding photography is much more than ’taking pictures’ it requires creativity, connection, artistry, composition, vision, balance, dedication etc. The list could continue but we won’t bore you! 

What we’re basically saying is that, the same as any industry, there will always be competition. Competition is brilliant and we’re surrounded by amazing photographers. But, there are also (unfortunately) not-so-good ‘photographers’ people that have bought equipment, without properly knowing how to use it. 

Working in the wedding industry we have heard horror stories from friends/relatives where they have been really let down and disappointed by their ‘photographers’. The last thing you want to happen is for the photo delivery day to arrive, you start scrolling and you get that horrible sinky-tummy feeling. You want to feel elated, reliving one of the most beautiful days. So we always always recommend to compare portfolios. When you meet with your potential photographer, ask them to bring along a few sample albums or slideshows so you can get a proper feel for their work. Make sure you ask yourself, is their work consistent? Because if it’s not, chances are, they have been lucky and shot one or two ‘nice’ weddings. Their work should fill you with confidence, allowing you to be reassured they are going to work their magic and produce lovely photos for you to treasure for ever. 


3. What do their evening photos look like?

This question leads on from the previous, going along the same lines that just because people have expensive equipment or a decent camera, doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to use it! This is important for your reception, it’s important your photographer knows how to shoot in the dark, or no matter what the lighting situation is! Yes, lighting can be challenging but they should be able to manually set their camera/flashes in the correct way, to take the best evening photos! We like to use our flashes in the evening to capture guests having a boogie and a drink! We sometimes like to use external flashes to play around with creative evening photos. So make sure you get to see their evening stuff as well as the ceremony photos. They’re just as important! 

Emily and Andy-13.jpg

4. Do you want one or two photographers? 

You will find that a lot of photographers offer a ‘second shooter’. It is a good idea for you guys to consider this as an option. We find that many couples prefer having two photographers to ensure more coverage of the day. This also means there’s more variety, different creativity etc but it also means group photos run a lot smoother! Having a duo means one photographer can round up the next group, ready to have their photo taken.. making the whole process a lot easier and less stressful. This means you guys can relax knowing those photos have been sorted, you can get back to chatting with your guests and have a drink (or two!) So this decision can have a big impact on your day, we’ve heard a few stories where photographers have taken 3 hours to take group photos, and let’s face it, no one wants that to happen!! 


5. What to their group photos look like?

Talking of group photos, this leads us perfectly to question number five. We do find that couples still request those special family formal photos. Not necessarily for themselves, but for mums, grandads etc. It is sometimes, a rare day to have everyone together, all dressed up and camera ready! We think it’s important to make the most of these occasions. Formal photos should be neat, flattering and cropped correctly. Friends and family will want to see these and maybe even frame them at home, so it’s important you’re pleased with them! Some photographers may not take the time or attention to detail compared to others. We like to make sure the lines are neat, bouquets are level, suits are buttoned etc! These little details make all the difference. (Another reason why two photographers is super handy, another set of eyes to double check those pesky shirts and wonky ties) having group photos should be fun, we like to capture a mixture of natural and formal!

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We really hope this little write up has helped you with any queries or worries, if you guys have any questions related or non related, please feel free to let us know! Wedding planning can be confusing, but people will always be happy to help and give advice where possible. <3