BENEFITS OF HAVING a Videographer for your wedding!

Should you have a wedding videographer?

After launching our video package last year, we have had lots of interest/enquiries and discussions about the importance of video and photo at weddings. Today, we thought we would write up a little article to help any couples out there who are undecided about whether to invest in a videographer, or not. If this is you, then please feel free to have a read through our thoughts and send over any questions you may have. Alternatively, if this doesn’t apply to you, then… still feel free to read anyway! 

So, what would videography add to your special day?

After working with so many lovely couples, meeting them after the wedding to deliver their precious photos; one thing they will all most certainly say is that it went by so fast, in such a flash! This, exact moment is where we come in. The suppliers of moments, memories that you may have missed on the big day. Such as your bridesmaids arrival, the groom buttoning up his shirt and fixing his cufflinks. Videographers are able to capture all of these important moments from your day, allowing you to look back, remind yourself and treasure forever. We completely understand that it is not a necessity, however it is the ultimate way of capturing the essence of your wedding. Alongside photography, this is the perfect package, providing you, your family, friends, children, grandchildren moving image, voices, laughter and tears, to watch and share for years to come. 

What would your video look like?

Just a little information about what to expect when it comes to your wedding videography. When we all first think of wedding videos, we imagine a 3 hour long, boring video shot on a creaky tripod and with a lack of creativity. Nowadays, videography is much more advanced. The style of wedding videos have completely changed. Highlight videos are very popular, this is something we call a “mini movie” a creative montage of gorgeous clips from your entire wedding day. From having your lipstick applied in the morning, to those first dance emotions in the evening. This is usually 3-5 minutes long, to a song of your choice. We also record audio from the ceremony and speeches, so lovely words and laughter can be used throughout the highlight video. 

With the abundance of awesome photo/video equipment that’s been made available recently, videographers are able to capture beautiful moments professionally, creatively and with a lot less difficulty. Editing is also much more advanced, post production is such an important part of your videos. We edit all of our videos, enabling a consistent and succinct style suited to your photos. We use a variety of presets, transitions and music to make sure your videos are perfect. 

Are you worried about having too many cameras at the wedding?

One thing we have noticed with a few couples is the concern that with booking videography, there may be too many big bulky cameras at the wedding. We understand this can be an off-putting and daunting thought. However, we just want to reassure you that videography is very discreet and runs in the background, capturing genuine moments as they happen. Your wedding day is all about you, your love for one and other and your photography/videography should not be the main focus of the day. A competent videographer should be busy moving around and capturing the details of the beautiful set up you have designed and created. The venue, the cake, the centrepieces, the smiles, the dancing etc. This will help build a picture of the day you can both enjoy later. 

We personally offer an “All in Package” providing you with everything you could possibly need. We are fond lovers of video and recommend it to everyone! If you’re stuck, need some help or advice then please feel free to get in touch today! 


Heres a few recent video examples