The importance of photo editing

Today, we would like to talk to you a little bit about our style and give you a little information about our editing process and the importance of photo editing. This topic is all to do with the magic that us, photographers, create and work on, in our offices! We have both spent hours, searching for inspiration and finding a style that suits our work, our environment, our couples and our branding. There has been an overall shift amongst our recent work, something you may have noticed and something that allows us to be a bit "different". We are really loving the dark, mysterious and moody styles right now, with beautiful rich colours and golden tones. All photographers have different workflows and editing processes, everyone puts their own spin onto something. We have a particular style and process that works best for us. We both love to edit every wedding separately, meaning that every single one of your wedding photos will be edited, perfected, twice (if not, three times) by two different creative photographers; ensuring that your images are beautifully tweaked and adjusted to perfection. 

For those who may not understand the importance of this post production work, editing is such a big part of what creates a photographers style.. if not the biggest! Style also includes subject interaction, framing, composition, camera and lens choice etc. We will always try our hardest to offer the best work we can, with unique poses, unique composition ideas and lovely, modern, fresh editing styles. With the correct, professional equipment, we are able to shoot photos in low or harsh light and correct them during post process. 

As mentioned earlier, we're all different and some photographers hate editing. However, this is part of the process that we both absolutely adore! Where our work really comes to life, making those angles perfect, colours pop and smiles radiant. This is where the cherry meets the top of the cake for us! The moment of excitement when the golden hues from a gorgeous sunset really stand out as we tweak the vibrance and play around with the exposure. This is a talent, it's a process that requires creativity and patience. With roughly 450 photos per wedding and 40 weddings this year (around about 18,000 photos) it is a lot of work, work that people don't necessarily consider, but we are proud of the photos we produce and take a lot of time and effort with every single photograph. 

Why do we have to edit? Well as photographers, we are faced with multiple different challenges. Just as an example, some churches offer limited light, or the light that is filling the space, can be quite yellow. We like to alter colour balances, lift any unwanted shadows and edit these photos in a way that looks more natural, more complimentary and flattering. Whether it be to bring out the details of your dress, lift the shadows on your couple portraits or play around with romantic black and whites, we absolutely love this part of what we do and we're so excited for all of the gorgeous weddings we will be editing this year! We both use the latest software, Lightroom and Photoshop and we are both confident when it comes to editing your wedding photos. Please have a little look through some examples we are sharing with you today. A few "before and afters". (click on the right of each image to view the next selection) 

Thank you for reading and we hope you are having a snuggly day away from the cold!! <3