A Beautiful Gift

We wanted to share something beautiful we received in the post this morning! Our very own family portrait "The Green Family." Ay, Elle, Pepper and Dougie! Love the details, Adams bow tie, Liz's ring and even some cute lil' sprigs of her favourite flower (lovely lavender!) These make wonderful presents and of course we're very fond of supporting small and creative businesses, so if any of you want to check this incredible artist out... Liz Smith Illustration.

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Ryan and James's Wedding at The Barns Hotel Bedford

The Barns Hotel was the perfect venue for this celebration, such a stunning backdrop and decorated so beautifully with the help of Ryan and James's planning with lovely pastels, glistening fairy lights and lots of happy faces.. this wedding was definitely one to remember.

Their day was full to the brim of smiles, laughter, jokes and people just having the most amazing time celebrating. The ceremony was perfect and the speeches were emotional. We even popped up our photobooth in the evening, everyone couldn't wait to get involved and it was so much fun! The party continued late into the night, the dancefloor was always full and we even had the chance to pop down our cameras and pick up the tequilas!

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Alf and Amy Wedding Day (1year self employed)

They got married at a very special church in Leighton Buzzard, a big, impressive church with heaps of character and decorated so perfectly. Their reception was held at the Forest of Marston Vale. A lovely venue and perfect for our animal and wildlife loving Bride!

From start to finish, this wedding day was flawless. This beautiful couple were destined to have the dreamiest wedding. Their love for one and other was clear for anyone to see and it was so amazing to be able to witness such an wonderful celebration.

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Cherished Memories

Some of our favourites from Emily & Ellie's most recent photo shoot! Such expressive, smiley, beautiful little girls! It's been so wonderful to watch Emily, and her older sister grow in their own amazing and unique ways. For someone who is also very close to their sister, I can totally imagine how these two girls will cherish these memories for years to come! How precious is that?! I would love to have had photos like this with my older sister when we were young, such amazing memories to keep. ❤️ I have also been experimenting with creating my own flower crowns for little ones to wear during their shoots, I hope you like them!

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Mimi and Jacob's Wedding Day

Their gorgeous venue Dodmoor House Wedding Venue in Northamptonshire did an amazing job of hosting, such a lovely location with so many beautiful spots for photos! We even managed to grab the newlyweds in the evening and get some photos underneath their renowned, super pretty firelight tree.

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Our First Series

"The Storyteller Series" We have decided to post an emotional or funny moment, a documentary style photo of ours every day for 100 days! This will mostly be on our Instagram page (ayellephoto) but we will occasionally post a few on here too!

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BENEFITS OF HAVING a Videographer for your wedding!

Should you have a wedding videographer?

After launching our video package last year, we have had lots of interest/enquiries and discussions about the importance of video and photo at weddings. Today, we thought we would write up a little article to help any couples out there who are undecided about whether to invest in a videographer, or not. If this is you, then please feel free to have a read through our thoughts and send over any questions you may have. Alternatively, if this doesn’t apply to you, then… still feel free to read anyway! 

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Supporting a local charity. 10% of our Albums go to charity!

We are now really excited to share with you all that for every album ordered, 10% of every single one is going to be donated to an amazing local charity. The Rae Rae Trust. This wonderful organisation supports children with cancer and their siblings/family, by providing treats and wishes to bring smiles to their little faces.

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The importance of photo editing

Today, we would like to talk to you a little bit about our style and give you a little information about our editing process and the importance of photo editing. This topic is all to do with the magic that us, photographers, create and work on, in our offices!

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The sweetest blog post.. CAKESPIRATION!

Something we both love.... CAKE! 

When photographing lots of gorgeous weddings each year, we get to see some of the coolest, fun and tasty looking wedding cakes! We agree yes, "a traditional wedding cake" may never go out of style, but why settle for classical if that's not what you imagine for your special day?

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Are pre-wedding shoots worthwhile? Here's our thoughts..

People who are wondering whether it’s worthwhile to have a pre-wedding photo shoot or not? Well we have had a think and we would like to share our top 3 reasons as to why we think it’s a fab idea!!

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Yasmin and Chris

Held at Shenley Cricket Centre. A stunning venue, providing a pretty and unique location for this special day. Set in the lovely Hertfordshire countryside, this wedding was stunning and designed so beautifully. A brilliant combination to allow us to capture wonderful memories of a very special day.

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