The sweetest blog post.. CAKESPIRATION!

Good afternoon! After a weekend of celebrating and partying for Liz's Birthday, we wanted to share a subject-appropriate blog with you all. Something we both love.... CAKE! 

When photographing lots of gorgeous weddings each year, we get to see some of the coolest, fun and tasty looking wedding cakes! We agree yes, "a traditional wedding cake" may never go out of style, but why settle for classical if that's not what you imagine for your special day? After all, this event is yours, unique and a reflection of your style and personalities. You've thought long and hard about all the little details, your favours, the colour of your flowers, your lovely ceremony and even the special different wedding playlists. So we think, your wedding cake should be anything and everything you imagine for your day. Select a dessert that says something about you, or based upon your favourite indulgent treat, something you will really look forward to eating at the end of the night. Because lets face it, after planning a wedding and celebrating this amazing day... you definitely deserve some cake!! One of our couples absolutely loved doughnuts, so, that's exactly what they had. A huge stack of multiple flavours and toppings! This way their guests could pick and choose among their favourites. We have seen so many awesome cakes including lego cakes, cheese cakes (actual stacks of cheese, Liz's favourite because she's a little mouse!) beautiful naked cakes, hundreds of perfectly hand crafted cupcakes, even Mr and Mrs caterpillar cakes! If you're a little stuck for ideas and considering a creative twist on the traditional wedding dessert, please feel free to have a scroll through just a few of our favourite cakes from past weddings! 

Click through the slideshow below <3