Are pre-wedding shoots worthwhile? Here's our thoughts..


Good afternoon lovelies!! We hope you are all well and having a lovely week so far! We’ve been working on some really amazing projects, we’ve got lots to share with you very soon, including some information about a local charity, setting up our very first styled shoot and much more! This weekend we will also be celebrating Liz’s 24th Birthday! So we’re really excited.


Today, we thought we would share a brand new blog post with you all. Hopefully one that will be helpful to all of our lovely engaged couples out there. People who are wondering whether it’s worthwhile to have a pre-wedding photo shoot or not? Well we have had a think and we would like to share our top 3 reasons as to why we think it’s a fab idea!!


1. So we will start off with our first reason, the one we think is most significant!! As wedding photographers, we have an incredibly important job, a pretty big responsibility. We’re going to be with you for 10, or more, hours on the most incredible day of your lives, it’s necessary for you to both feel comfortable with your photographers and know what to expect. With a pre-wedding photo shoot, you’re able to see exactly how we work, you will see how relaxed the whole scenario is. We love to go on adventures with our couples, get our wellies on and hike through beautiful woodlands, or visit your wedding venue and capture some special moments before the big day. Our pre-wedding shoots are always so much fun, they’re really relaxed and more of a giggle than anything! It’s a really great way to get to know each other, we would rather build up a friendship with all of our couples. We definitely don’t blame you for not wanting strangers at your wedding! We’re always so excited to spend some time with you all, we love to hear how you met, the things you love about each other and the things you both enjoy. So remember, they’re lots of fun and a lovely little ice-breaker.

2. Secondly, also very importantly.. A pre-wedding shoot helps with confidence. Calming any nerves and niggles you or your fiancé may have about being in front of the camera. This is because we both genuinely love what we do and we appreciate how important it is to make you feel relaxed and at ease. We won’t ask you for forced, stiff and awkward poses but we will still help direct you in a creative and fun way. We love nothing more that to capture emotions, smiles and those genuine moments. Once receiving your selection of photos from your pre-wed, confidence will be instilled in us as your chosen wedding photographers. Once you see your gorgeous photos and how lovely you both look, you will feel completely confident in our abilities on your wedding day and this will allow you to feel completely calm about such an important element of your day. We promise to always look after you. 

3. As creative people, our final reason is also a fave!! Wedding paraphernalia!! A pre-wedding shoot offers you a pretty selection of photos that can be used for an array of things. Including save the dates, invites, bespoke guestbooks, table place settings, facebook profiles etc!! We’re also more than happy to incorporate any ideas you guys have. We love crazy suggestions and fun inspiration, so if there’s anything you would like to try out; please just let us know! 

We absolutely love every single pre-wedding shoot! We get so excited every time we have one booked in. Don’t forget our pre-weds are included in two of our wedding packages! If you have any ideas or questions you wanted to share, then please feel free. We would love to hear from you. We have also attached just a few of our favourite examples for you all to have a nosey through, to show you a little more of our work, style and hopefully you can see that our shoots are always so much fun, usually filled with giggles and lots of hugs! Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your week! <3