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Good evening all of you lovely, gorgeous people!! Tonight, we bring to you a slightly different blog post... I want to share with you our TOP 5 WEDDING SUGGESTIONS/TIPS. Just a little write up for our couples to have a read through, 5 of our favourite things and suggestions we would like to share.


For a lady who is completely flower obsessed, from roses to thistle, sunflowers and even dead/dried up bunches of foliage.. this top tip is for the fellow flower fairies out their organising their wedding day. A little while ago now, Adam and I photographed the gorgeous wedding of Kate and Ben. Their day was absolutely perfect from start to finish, all of the little details were glorious. BUT one of my most favourite things, was the colourful, beautiful flowers everywhere you looked! Even in the girls hair. Now, if you don't fancy a veil, or you're not sure about a sparkly hairpiece (which by the way, are also gorgeous!) then maybe these are just the things for you.... FLOWER CROWNS! They were handmade on the day by the wonderful Alice from "Fleur de Lace Wedding & Events, Decoration, Prop Hire, Hand-painted Signage" they smelt and looked amazing. Pretty gypsophila with pastel pink flowers, the perfect pretty accessory for pretty Kate's festival wedding. Flower crowns are so romantic, they embody all things that are beautiful, they can make any woman feel like an absolute goddess! These are perfect for the trending styles we see now, boho, vintage, pastel, festival etc. To make sure your flower crown is not going to budge and stay looking glamorous and perfect all day follow these 3 Liz tips:

1. Pins! Hair pins are a necessity, allowing you an added feeling of stability throughout the day.

2. Hairspray! But make sure you do this before you put on your crown of beauty, hair spray on fresh flowers is a big no no. 

3. Hands off! As a woman who is constantly playing with her hair and touching her face, I can completely understand how tricky this must be, but it's essential to try and keep your hands off the blooms, as this can cause bruising to the flowers/petals.



Another flower related tip here.. Something Adam and I absolutely love to see at our weddings is of course, the bouquet toss! When photographing weddings we tend to get asked why we follow certain traditions, this being one of them. So for those who do not know I have researched into it for you: "This tradition grew out of the 14th century European idea that brides and all that they touched were lucky. Wedding guests would actually chase after the bride, tearing at her dress, hoping to take home a small good luck charm. The bride finally decided to stop the madness and prevent the guests from bothering her on her special day- and the bouquet toss was born!" So as well as sprinkling a bit of luck and creating some fun and madness for your guests to get involved in, it's also such a great opportunity for some amazing action shot photos - a mixture of the bride launching her precious flowers into the air (those things can fly, they're usually pretty heavy) and of course, the hilarious photos of all the girls trying their best to be the next lucky lady! We love this tradition, it's always so much fun for everyone involved and we love nothing more than capturing these special moments and reactions.



Leading on from point number two, about things flying/being thrown into the air we would like to bring you point number three. Now we love all types of confetti. Whether it's dried petals, traditional colourful paper, fabric petals, bubbles, rice etc etc! However, if you're looking for the ultimate confetti explosion and wow factor! We recommend something we recently experienced at the lovely wedding of Lucy and Adam... Handheld confetti cannons. 4 was all it took to create the most amazing, colourful, explosive cloud of confetti and oh my goodness, the photos are just perfect! Full of not only confetti but lots of lovely smiley faces and reactions. You can buy safe, fun and easy cannons which can be uses both indoors and out, they're a great alternative to standard confetti if you're looking for something a little different. You can customise the fillings, whether you want glitter, sparkle, shaped confetti etc etc. They create such a spectacular explosion of colour, giving your guests (and photographers) an experience they will treasure and remember forever.



Talking about all things sparkly and glittery has reminded me of our fourth tip. Something you may or may not have seen already, these are so so popular at the moment and the demand for this particular style photo/experience seems to be on the rise and that is the sparkler photos! It's a growing trend in wedding photography these days to do photos with sparklers and when done right, they look absolutely amazing! The most popular request being "the sparkler exit" To make sure you nail this shot I have got two top tips for you:

1. Bigger is better, try and get medium/long sized sparklers, the regular ones burn our very fast and by the time the rest of the group is ready to go, the ones first lit are already burned out. The more sparkles; more excitement!

2. Take your time! Now, this is a very important tip! Do not rush, most photographers will hopefully direct you properly but just in case you're not sure, make sure you go slow. If you run through super fast and disappear, it may have been too quick to focus and shoot. We tend to ask our couples to slowly walk towards us, stop in the middle (have a cuddle and a smooch) and then ask them to continue, this guarantees we will have enough time to compose ourselves in the madness, not get set on fire, focus and capture that perfect shot! 



So here we are, last but not least. Our final but most important tip from this blog is to go wild and have fun!! Enjoy every moment and do all the things that make you happy. If this is downing some jaegerbombs with your bridesmaids, smoking a cigar with the guys, jumping off the posh bed in your bridal suite, or just sitting back and watching all your loved ones enjoying your wonderful wedding, then DO IT! Take in every moment possible, most of the people we know who have gotten married told us that their day flew by, so make sure you try not to stress. This day is the most wonderful day, a day that should be completely stress free and full of enjoyment! 

We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post and I hope it has been useful to someone out there, we love all of our customers and care for you like our friends so try to help out with advice whenever we can. If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to get in touch today. Love from Liz, Ayelle Photography.  

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