Exciting Plans


Here is a little update for the blog on Ayelle! We have some huge news, we are going full time very soon. This means packing in those full time jobs and just concentrating on what we love. We have come such a long way since we launched our adventure back in Oct 2015! At the same time it seems like such a long time ago! 

We have been booking this and next year up with lots of very exciting wedding with stunning couples. We cannot wait to show you some of what we capture. Next we will be pushing our newborn and family shoots. We will have some offers coming over the next month or so, so please watch out for those. 

We have been attending a couple of wedding fairs and working very closely with Silverlinings wedding fairs and wedding guide. These have included Wicksteed Park, Guildhall and our up and coming one at the Hilton, Northampton. 

You may also see us at the next 5 wedding fairs from Silverlings as we are shooting some promotional videos for the new ones coming up. Each one we attend we also run a couple shoot competition to win a free shoot for a lucky couple. Below we have our winners from Wicksteed and Guildhall. 

Also check out a pic of our stand. 


Adam and Liz