Exciting updates

We had the most wonderful time at The Photography Show in Birmingham on Sunday and of course, we would love to share it with you!! We spent the whole day wandering around, admiring some beautiful cameras and lots of lovely gear! Although we couldn't quite justify treating ourselves to a brand new Leica, we did treat ourselves to a few new pieces. Including a new continuous light for our (soon to be) studio and some new beautiful props for Liz's newborn shoots! Adam also bought a new CF card which isn't too exciting for you guys, but we're a bit strange and get (admittedly) too excited about extra memory! It was a really great day, we were able to get hands on and experiment with some new lenses and cameras. 

So, the other exciting news is that we are actively looking for a new home/studio together! We have found a little cottage that we both love so we will keep you updated as soon as anything becomes official! But we are definitely very very excited, for our personal and professional development this is going to be amazing. Please have a look at some of our pics from The Photography Show.