Lots going on

Good evening everyone!! We thought we would check in and give you a little update about what we have been up to/what's coming up over the next few weeks. So, cast your mind back a week or so. We shared a sneak peek from one of our Birthday parties. Well, we want to share this beauty with you....

We think Harley most definitely enjoyed his 1st birthday party!! Such a sweetie with a beautiful smiley little face. If you're interested in booking us for any events/parties etc we would love to chat with you! Please feel free to drop us a little message!!

Today I met with a fellow photographer, Stella Hensley, to discuss and plan some super exciting photography adventures that will be taking place over the next few weeks/months!! We drank lots of tea, messed around in her studio and talked and talked about all things photography related. We have some exciting stuff with Stella coming up so keep your eyes peeled.

ALSO, our competition is still up and running and our winner will be announced once our Facebook page has reached 500 likes. We're so so close, only 128 more to go so please keep up the good work and if you haven't already liked our page, please find our socials here:

Thank you for checking in with Ayelle!! We'll have even more exciting news and updates for you very soon! - Liz <3

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