Why would you choose Ayelle for your newborn photography?

Many of you may question the expense of a newborn session, but there are so many important components that must go into one of our sessions, we thought we would write a little article to help you understand what is so important and to give you a few reasons as to why you should book us as your newborn photographer:


Insurance and Safety

In the unlikely event of any problems or issues; we are both fully covered and insured so this is something you do not have to worry about. We are also proud members of BANPAS, this is an Association whose members are amongst the leading baby and newborn photographers in the UK. BANPAS promotes safe working practices and ensures that baby’s comfort and safety takes priority over anything else. This is something we are very proud of. (Scary part over… lets talk about the fun stuff!)



We work extremely hard to please and understand all of our customers as individuals. We love to listen to your ideas, admire your inspirations and we embrace your little ones individuality and uniqueness in a way that will suit your style.


Portable Studio

As Liz specialises in newborn photography she has an in depth understanding of what’s expected when it comes to a newborn photo shoot. To make things a little easier for mum and dad, we offer our portable studio service where we can bring absolutely everything we need straight to your front door. So you don't have to worry about travel or disturbing little one. This is often easier for mum and baby, especially considering most babies aren’t even a week old! Liz always acts safely and professionally allowing you to feel very comfortable and at home during your session. 



We have both spent a long time selecting and sourcing our beautiful and vintage products. We worked extremely hard to find these products so we can provide you with unique works of art for your home. We have also partnered with a lovely overseas company who create the most perfect photo blocks which can be seen on our website below.



We have also selected multiple tiny and delicate newborn clothes, headbands, perfect pastel wraps, cosy blankets, and timeless backdrops in multiple colours. This allows us to combine all of these beautiful pieces of art ensuring you will receive an array of wonderful images to cherish forever. 

Practice, practice, practice! 

From editing to posing, styling and lighting; Liz is constantly reading, practicing, watching tutorials and refining her art. This is so she can always improve her work and guarantee customer satisfaction, she works her best to provide you with beautiful photography you will want to share with everyone and cherish forever. 



We own some of the best equipment in the industry, including cameras, lenses, lighting equipment and also the best and up to date editing software to refine your photos to absolute perfection. Everything we need to provide you with bespoke, unique and adorable photographs of your lovely little baby.


It’s the small things

When we plan your little one’s shoot, Liz does not stick to a regimented time for your session; it takes as long as it takes to capture the perfect moments. Patience is one of the most important things when it comes to newborn photography, and this is something Liz is naturally blessed with! It definitely pays off, the wonderful photos will speak for themselves. 


Within the first two weeks

Once little one is born, every moment is so so precious! Time really flies and it’s so important to capture those loveable rosy cheeks, teeny tiny toes and baby bubbles within the first two weeks! This is also important because within these first few weeks this is when baby is most likely to sleep through a session and allow us (with mum/dads supervision) to ‘mold’ baby into super cute, comfy and of course safe positions without being too fussed or disturbed. A lot of parents miss out on these first few weeks and would give anything to go back and capture every teeny tiny super cute detail! So please, please keep us updated. We understand things have to be flexible when it comes to newborns but flexibility is something we will always offer you. 


Looking back..

When your little one is all grown up (and no longer a little one!) you will be able to look back and show them your wonderful selection of photos that you have cherished for years. Wow! They may even show their own children! We also offer packages which will allow you to capture your little one at multiple stages throughout infant-hood. These packages can be tailored to you, we would be more than happy to help arrange something perfect to enable you to capture your little ones early stages! It’s amazing to see tiny babies grow and develop into wonderful and unique little humans! Some of our packages are listed below please do not hesitate to ask any questions. 

Thank you for reading - Adam and Liz <3